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cola sp.
Description: It grows about 40 feet tall, has yellow flowers, marked with purple, with 6 to 8 inches long, pointed at both ends. The seeds are widely used as a condiment by the natives of tropical West and Central Africa, also by blacks from the Antilles and Brazil, which entered the trees to these countries.

In West Africa these trees grow and are usually near the coast, and there are large and continuous trade with nuts by the natives of the interior of the continent, the Cola consumed by them. what is said to be a small piece chew before each meal to promote digestion, is also thought to enhance the flavor of food when it said it also improves the taste of water even if it is rotten.

There are several kinds of seeds Cola derived from the different species, but the Cola vera is the most preferred and is generally used for medicinal purposes. The countries of West Africa and supplying the drug commercially. C. acuminata, or Gurru nuts are used in the same way as C. vera, they are of a tree that grows in Cameron and Congo, is not as well known, but is used as a stimulant caffeine; Brazil produces about 600 tons, also used the seeds of S. Girl and S. Striata. The Kola trade consists of the cotyledons separated from the core of the seed; when unripe is almost white, on drying experiences a change of reddish brown and losing much of its astringency. Cotyledons dried vary in size from 1 to 2 inches, are irregular in shape. Large amounts of fresh seeds are used in Africa to account for their properties that hold, where they form an important article of trade.

Components: The different varieties of walnuts give a larger or smaller percentage of caffeine, which is only found in the fresh state. The seeds are said to contain a glucosidase, Kolanin, but this substance appears to be a mixture of Kola red and caffeine. The seeds also contain starch, fatty matter, sugar, a fat that breaks down the enzyme from acting on several oil.

The Action Medicinal properties and uses of Kola are the same as caffeine, modified only by the astringent presents. Fresh from the Kola Nuts have a separate action challenging the amount of caffeine, but when they appear in European trade, their action is indistinguishable from that of other drugs of Kola red and caffeine is inert. The kola is also a stimulant nervous and valuable heart tonic, and a good general tonic.

C. The seeds of Ballayi (Cornu) are also used, but these are easily distinguishable as the seeds have six cotyledons contain caffeine and small.

The extract Preparations - Fluid Kola, 10 to 40 drops. Alc solid extract. 2 to 8 grains.

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