podófilopodophyllum peltatum

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podófilopodophyllum peltatum
Other Names:

American Mandrake, Wild Lemon.

It has no relationship with the European mandrake, the family of Solanaceae. The European mandrake is a toxic plant, similar in its shares to the deadly nightshade, and lacking in medicinal applications at present. In the eastern countries was attributed the virtue of promoting fertility.

Habitat: meadows and forests of the Atlantic region of North America. No one grows up in Europe.

Description: herbaceous plant of the family of Berberidáceas, which reaches up to 50 cm in height. Its fruit is a berry yellow very aromatic.

Used parts: the resin from the root (podofilino)

Properties and indications: Native Americans used the podofilino (resin from the root of PODÓFILO) since ancient times, from 1820 and included in the composition of various pharmaceutical preparations.

Its active ingredient, the Podophyllotoxin, at low doses acts as a strong purgative, but very well tolerated. It also has effect colagogo (empty the gallbladder) It has recently been discovered that has a podofilino Mitomycin (prevents cell division) which has begun to use successfully in the treatment of condylomata acuminata, warts, papillomas and other viral tumors of the skin. Is being investigated its application in the treatment of cancer.

Use: ingestion of 0. 25 to 0. 5 grams. Root, or 50 to 100 milligrams of podofilino, causing an evacuation scheduled to have taken 12 hours.

In the skin, podofilino resin, is applied in the form of pharmaceutical preparations. These preparations containing an oily suspension of the resin mixed with paraffin. To that effect, enough to put a few drops daily resin podofilino on the affected part of the skin.

Precautions: High doses can cause violent diarrhea and even death.

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