manzanillaanthemis nobilis

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manzanillaanthemis nobilis
Other Names:

Manzanilla Amarga.

It grows spontaneously in the dry land and swamp in the places and at the foot of mountain roads. Its stems reach a maximum height of 30 centimeters, has finely cut leaves and flowers, white and yellow, arising in the extremities of the stems.

Collection: during the flowering of the plant.

Part used: flowers.

Properties: digestive, sudorific, soothing, Decongestion, tonic.

Directions: cramping of the stomach, intestine, in the matrix. Difficult and painful menstruation; cramping of the ureter and bladder. Infectious diseases such as influenza, colds, colds, etc. Because their properties sudorific. Dolores nervous headaches. In Enemas painkiller, in towels prepared infusion on boils, hemorrhoids, eczema, fistulas, varicose ulcers, and so on. And inflammations of the eyes.

Uses: infusion of two teaspoons per cup, three times a day. At high doses acts as vomiting.

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