piper angustifolium

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piper angustifolium
Lat. PIPER angustifolium.

This plant that abounds in Central America and South America, has lots of medicinal properties and used for many years, both by mouth and externally.

The most outstanding properties of this plant are in the treatment hemorrhages, because you quickly stop the loss of blood in all cases lo. 4.

In all kinds of injuries are treated in a baking fifty grams in a liter of water has to boil quarter of an hour. Good filtering is used in washing in this remedy bleeding for women in tumors of the matrix, the matrix of cramps, fibroids, and so on. The same cooking and half of barley water, ie.

equal parts, is a remedy for chronic inflammation of the throat: is made for this purpose gargle every two to four hours.

The cooking of matico is good for healing ulcers rebels, for this is added to part of cooking of infusing matico part of the carqueja.

You have to cure properties admirable flows whites and yellows, for older they are, women, in a short time. For this purpose are made by washing three days, half of cooking and half of water.

In the purges were taking tea that is prepared at 1%, three cups per day. It is an excellent choice to be always well - prepared tea. For more security should be given to a boil in a few minutes pavita well covered. Carqueja increase with the desires Venereal. The matico contains a bitter principle, called the maticino, or maticina, and an essence.

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