pimpinela mayor sanguisorba officinalis

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pimpinela mayor sanguisorba officinalis
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Discovered and used since the Renaissance. Because their floral bouquets have aspect of blood clots, it was thought that this plant could be useful for the treatment of bleeding. For this purpose has been used for several centuries, having recently seen the wisdom of such intuition.

Habitat: wet grassland in Europe and North America. In Spain is in its northern half.

Description: perennial plant of the Rosaceae family, which reaches up to one meter in height. They emphasize their small purple flowers, grouped in inflorescences oval. Its scent is sweet, and its flavor, slightly bitter.

Used parts: the whole plant, including the root.

Properties and indications: whole plant is rich in tannin. It also contains saponins, flavones and vitamin C. This explains its astringent properties, anti - inflammatory and Anti. By its action astringent, dry surface cells of the skin and mucous membranes (tanning) and coagulates small blood vessels.

Internally, their use is appropriate in acute and chronic diarrhea, dysentery and gastritis (including hemorrhagic)

Externally, both as a decoction of fresh juice Burnet apply compresses more, to heal wounds and ulcers of the skin; in gargle in cases of stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth) and pharyngitis (throat irritation) washed in annals, Against hemorrhoids (desinflamar the short and bleeding) and vaginal irrigations if leucorrhea and vaginitis.

Use: decoction of 100 gm. root in a liter of water for 15 minutes, which can be added to the parts of plant; consumed 3 or 4 cups a day.

For external use, the same decoction, but more concentrated. You can also use fresh juice from the crushed plant. Both the decoction as the juice is applied by one of the following ways: towels, rinses and gargarismos, vaginal and irrigations.

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