Vitamin B5

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Vitamin B5
This Acid belongs to the vitaminic complex B, hidrosolubles vitamins with multiple functions in the organism.


Aid to release energy of foods, to the fat conversion and you sweeten in energy. Essential in the synthesis of the cholesterol, the fat and red globules. Aid to the synthesis of antibodies, the formation of the cells, the growth and the development of the nervous system. Finally it contributes to heal the wounds and it prevents the fatigue.

Daily dose.

The daily RDA suggests 6mg. The athletes must ingest greater doses, since its level of energy is greater. According to the physical activity, it is possible to be ingested until 100mg / día. An even acceptable rank nonsedentary people is of 20 - 200mg daily. Results that suggest this acid is ergogénico, that is to say, that helps the performance of athletes and people exist who take intense sport training.


It is little probable being so common in natural foods but, in case one occurs, it causes disorders of the skin and the blood, hipoglucemia and duodenal ulcers.


There is no risk some.


In all the meats and vegetables, in special in the liver, the fresh fruits and the dry fruits.

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