Vitamin K

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Vitamin K
It completes it of liposolubles vitamins, this is essential in the pro formation thrombin. Also call menadiona.


Basic for the protein formation certain and necessary for a normal coagulation.

Daily dose.

The RDA suggests 80mcg of vitamin K. Many people with high physical activity ingest of 80 to 100mcg.


Reduction of the prothrombin, coagulating factor, that leads to a difficulty in the coagulation and a tendency to the hemorrhages. To the babies new born usually one occurs a supplement to them, since the intestine lacks the bacterium necessary then to synthesize the vitamin. In adults and children this deficiency is normally result of a disease or long treatments with medicines, destroyers often of the bacteria of the intestine.


Is not some negative effect in ingesting greater doses, but is not either a direct benefit in taking beyond from the suggested thing.


Green vegetables, eatable roots, fruits and seeds.

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