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It is produced by a called fungus Innocent Albicans.

It is pronounced like vaginitis, milkweed, infections of vejiga or cutaneous similars to the tinea and by means of flow with scent to leavening.

The symptoms that cause are: irritation, intense ardor and comezón in vulva and vagina, accompanied by white, abundant and grumoso flow.

The diagnosis is easy to do, the gynecologist usually recognizes it during the exploration, although to corroborate it, usually asks for an analysis of the vaginal secretion, a cytology or a culture.

The trasmisión is direct, since the Innocent one is in the mucous of the body in small amounts without causing symptoms. It proliferates in the vagina when a imbalance of the flora takes place that can be motivated by some medicines, by the pregnancy and when the immunological system is debilitated. Also it is infected by sexual route or direct bonding with infected clothes.

The treatment is farmacológico and local with the application of ova or antimicóticas creams and so that he is effective it also recommends the treatment to the pair and avoiding the fit article use and synthetic underclothes.

If it is not taken care of suitably it can complicate a pregnancy.

In patients with AIDS and other sufferings that they cause the weakening of the immunological system can be developed scattered Candidiasis that affects the heart, the vital kidneys and other organs.

The Candidiasis recurrent and located mainly in the mouth and vagina, is common in people with diabetes.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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