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Thus the infectious and inflammatory affectations of the prostate are denominated.

According to its duration they can be acute or chronic.

It is doubtful, although probable, its relation with the prostate cancer. In these cases one is due to go to the doctor who is the one in charge to prescribe the type of antibiotics that considers more opportune, after a small exploration, to discard the existence of an abscess in the gland, which would require a surgical treatment. By the special characteristics of the prostate, the treatment will have to be prolonged (minimum three weeks)


Rare time, mainly after intempestivas maneuvers (drilling p. ej. or great delays in the treatment of bacterial acute prostatitis, or in inmunodeprimidos patients, an infection of the blood can be produced, burdens.

The main complication of acute prostatites consists of its cronificación, of difficult solution.


Bacterial acute prostatites cure with a suitable antibiotic treatment and of the necessary duration.

Nonbacterial acute prostatites can cure after the antibiotic treatment, or a more or less long period, although they have tendency to resort.

Chronic prostatites are of difficult treatment, although the symptoms by means of a prolonged antibiotic treatment can be suppressed.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis of the prostate inflammations is made by means of:

the clinic,

analytical divided of it tinkles it (the first part, intermediate and the last one of the micción take shelter in different boats)

study of the obtained prostate liquid by means of massage (to see rectal tact)

the analytical general of blood,

the prostate exploration, by means of rectal tact (introduction of a finger of the explorer in the rectum, to feel and to masajear the prostate)

and its visualization by means of ultrasounds (ecografía) introducendo a sounding of ultrasounds in the rectum.

The nonbacterial diagnosis of acute Prostatitis will be of exclusion (once discarded other causes of urinary prostate inflammation or vias)

General Measures.

For the treatment of bacterial acute prostatites:

The hospitalization is advisable,

the uretral drilling for the obstruction is contraindicated.

For the treatment of acute chronic prostatites and the nonbacterial ones:

They can be of utility the hot baths of seat,

the prostate massages help to drain the pus of the prostate,

The antiinflammatory ones can be useful.


Prostatites always require antibiotic treatment restored by the doctor.

In bacterial acute prostatites, this it will be made following the directions of the cultures of tinkles, and one will stay during four to six weeks.

It can be necessary to begin the endovenosa treatment by via.

In nonbacterial acute Prostatites, it is worth the trouble to make an antibiotic treatment of test during three weeks, that one will give in if improvement is not obtained, and it will be continued during six weeks if this takes place.

Chronic prostatites require prolonged antibiotic treatment, of six to twelve weeks.


Specific restrictions do not need, although it can be advisable to avoid the eyaculación in acute prostatites.


Special measures do not exist, recommending itself to increase the ingestion of liquids after the acute episode.

Factors of riesgo / Prevención.

They are not very well defined.

The tendency to retain tinkles it can be important.

Drinking few liquids, producing little tinkles, influences.

They do not have, in general, relation with the sexual activity.

Signs and symptoms.

They are possible to be divided in:

General symptoms:

General malaise,

Pain in the low part of the abdomen and, fundamentally, in the zone of periné (in the crotch)

Fever (only in the bacterial ones)

Irritativos symptoms:

Disuria (annoyances when tinkling)

Urgency (sensation of urgent necessity to tinkle)

Frequency (desire to tinkle constantly)

Nocturia (desire to tinkle during the night)

Painful Eyaculación.

Obstructivos symptoms:

Delay in the beginning of the micción,

Spurt of tinkles little powerful, with pauses,

Sensation of incomplete evacuating,

Dripping after finalizing.

In chronic prostatites the general and irritativos symptoms are little intense, predominating the obstructivos.


The most frequent cause of acute prostatitis is not known, when not being able to demonstrate an infection, reason why "aseptic acute Prostatitis" is denominated.

Inferior microorganisms have been implied, Clamidias, Micoplasmas and virus) without getting itself to demonstrate.

Some bacteria (negative bacilli gram) have the capacity to ascend by tracto urinary masculine and to nest in the prostate.

The prostate presents / displays special characteristics, of very basic surroundings and poor vascularización, that turns it a "sanctuary" for the bacteria that can survive in this means, reason why its cronificación is frequent if the correct treatment is not followed.

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