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The cornea is the transparent part of the eye, that is located in the forcebody and finishes in the esclerótica. It has between 11 to 12 millimeters of diameter and approximately 1 millimeter of thickness. Along with the esclerótica one forms an external capsule that contains to the diverse structures of the eye.

Sometimes, the cornea becomes infected and produce inflammation and many annoyances, this suffering is known him like queratitis, that is very dangerous since it forms very painful ulcers that can perforate the cornea, injuring the eye and the vision of permanent form.

The queratitis can be superficial when they affect only the deep outside of the eye or, when they affect the blood vessels.

The causes that can cause it, between most frequent are diverse are:

the microtraumatismos, caused by the insertion of some strange body.

By the prolonged exhibition to ultraviolet radiation, as he happens to them in the soldering irons, skiers or to the people who use solar beds without protection.

By infections caused by virus or bacteria.

to suffer sífilis congenital, herpes, tuberculosis and leprosy among other diseases.

One pronounces by an intense pain in the eye and a pitiful and intolerable reaction to the luminous stimuli.

A symptom is also the reddening of the eye, due to the congestión of the blood vessels that surround the cornea and it is accompanied by a strong constant lagrimeo.

The pain increases when blinking by the rubbing of the edge of the eyelid with the injuries, reason why the people pefieren to have the closed eyes.

For his diagnosis, the ophtalmologist applies a drop of fluorescina that he dyes to the ulcer of green color.

The treatment must include two aspects, one to alleviate to the annoyances and the own queratitis and other to prevent the development with adhesions in the eye, mainly between the rainbow and the crystalline.

For it oftálmicas drops are due to apply that contain dilatadores drugs of the pupil, reason why the patient will not have to go out single, to handle, to raise and to lower stairs, nor nothing that puts it in danger, since while the pupil is expanded, the vision is imperfect.

The application of ointments or drops with antibiotics is very important also, to come up that the ulcer becomes infected and they depend on the microorganism or source that has caused it.

It is recommended to as much cover the eyes with a bandage so that it is not hurt when being blinking, like avoiding that the dust or any strange body can injure it more.

It is very important that whenever is going away to touch the eyes, abundant water and soap are washed very or with and gauzes or clean towels of exclusive use for this problem are always cleaned with.

Also it is important not to use cosmetic like rímel or eyeliner, nor to share them with other people.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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