Gastroesophageal reflux

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Gastroesophageal reflux
The gastroesofágico ebb tide or pirosis, also known commonly like gastric acidity or sournesses is a problem of which very few people are saved, since the majority at least once undergoes it during the life and to all the ages, since he is very frequent also in the babies.

It consists of the involuntary return and it frequents of the content of foods and acids towards the esophagus and causes pain, ardor, general malaise and in several occasions pain chest that extends towards the neck throat and some times until a the face.

This problem is caused by diverse causes, between which they are:

an inadequate operation of the esophagus in the part that it connects with the stomach.

To the hiatal presence of one hernia, is to say that a part the stomach is introduced in the esophagus, over the diaphragm.

Also it is caused by the increase of the volume of the gastric content due to an excessive feeding in amount.

By the irritating, greasy food consumption certain or very condimentados.

By the retardation in the passage of the content of the stomach towards the intestine.

By increase in the production of gastric juice (acid hydrochlorate)

the presence of gastric ulcers.

The most frequent cause is the weakening of the called sphincter cardia that is located in the inferior end of the esophagus and that is opened when the foods lower by the esofágico tube, allowing their entrance to the stomach and closing themselves to avoid the return of foods.

When the sphincter is lost muscular tone and remains open, the acid flows back, raising by the esophagus, which causes a painful sensation of gastric acidity that when arriving at the mouth is perceived like a disagreeable acid flavor.

Generally the gastric acidity or pirosis appears after taking some food, since there is a greater secretion of gastric juice and pressure by the stomach content. This problem is greater if the person lies down immediately, since the position makes difficult drained of the stomach and the passage of foods towards the intestine.

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