Disease information

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Chipped nails.

Astillamiento of the nails of feet and hands, appears in both sexes, to any age.


They are not to hope.


Sometimes it persists during long time, in other occasions improves slowly.

Diagnosis and treatment.


By means of the observation.

Analyses can make him, in the doubtful cases, to discard iron deficiencies, cálcio or vitamins.


General measures.

Apply to manifold layers of nail enamel is transparent to unite and to reinforce the cracks and fissures.

It provides to the nails a protective shield. The enamels that contain nylon fibers will reinforce the nails.

The enamel does not take off quite often. Quitaesmaltes has a desecante effect and can make worse the cracking. In its place, it fixes the enamel with adjustments.

Stick detachable nails to the cracked nails.

In order to carry out the homemade works, it takes cotton fabric covered rubber gloves.

Use cream for the hands frequently. Frótela around the nails so that between in the skin.


Usually it is not necessary.


Without restrictions.

Protect the nails before any activity that can injure them.


No in special needs.

Although popularly many have been advised, no has demonstrated to positively affect the disease.

Warn its medico if.

The cracking of the nails is so severe that it has become a problem.

Factors of risk.

The age.


Protect the nails of traumatismos, like the excessive irritation caused by the water and the soap.

Signs and symptoms.

Painless cracking of the nail.

The cracks can be parallel to the finger or can come off layers the nails.


Scars formed by injuries to the ungueal bed (sometimes)

Familiar antecedents of chipped nails.

In general, strangers.

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