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The acanthus is a giant grass belonging to the family of acantáceas; has a funny way, very elegant and harmonious. It has some pretty large sheets assembled in a bush, with the tip curled down. Each killing leads to a long spike, erect and covered with small spiny leaves, whose armpits leave flowers with pale yellow petals.

One grows up in streams and shady areas, wet winter. It blooms from May, secándose completely in the summer. Then the rains returned to revive and pass all winter vegging. From the collection of interest leaves, which must be collected and put to dry in the shade or dry, with temperatures not very high.

Its beauty is very unique. Legend has it that the famous sculptor and architect of Corinth, Callimachus, was inspired by the floor of acanthus when he created the Corinthian capitals.

The whole plant, from roots to flowers, secretes a viscous liquid emollient properties, astringent and detergent very effective. In fact, the composition of the plant is not known in depth. It is known that contains abundant mucilage, tannins, carbohydrates, minerals and some bitter principle. What is certain is that this is a plant with emollient properties, that it has the ability to soften tissues and tumors. He was also given other virtues as an astringent, antidiarrheal and expectorant. It is indicated in diarrhea, bronchitis, colds, liver problems and external use stomatitis, pharyngitis and vaginitis.

Decoction: We boil 100g water with 10 g. of acanthus leaves, and with the liquid obtained practiced strokes on those parts of the mouth swollen. If you keep a little more boiling water and then filtered through a piece of linen cloth, this preparation can be used to make gargarismos in case of inflammation of the throat.

Infusion: Putting 1 g. roots and dried leaves in a cup of boiling water, you get an excellent astringent and healing of wounds. The washing should be done just before you put the bandage, and it is appropriate to repeat a couple of times a day.

Emollient. Antidiarrheal. Astringent.

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