cálamo aromático acorus calamus

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cálamo aromático acorus calamus
Other Names:

ACOR, Calamís.

Plant from Asia, was introduced in Europe in the thirteenth century by the Tartars. Its aroma is very pleasant and reminded of the mandarin, but its taste is bitter. In Arab countries it is used essentially as an aphrodisiac.

HABITAT: grows on the shores of marshes, ponds and rivers. One occurs in most of Europe, North America and also in Argentina. It is somewhat scattered and it is rare.

Description: aquatic plant of the family of the Araceae, which measures 60 to 150 cms. tall. Its leaves are narrow and lanceolate. The inflorescence is a cylindrical spike.

Part used: dried rhizomes are used.

Properties and indications: the rhizome of the squid contains an essential oil bitter, the pen Oleum, which owe their medicinal effects. Has the following properties:

Aperitif: increases the appetite.

Eupéptico (facilitates digestion) is useful in cases of digestion heavy shortage of gastric juice (hypochlorhydria) and chronic gastritis.

Carminative: removes gases from the digestive duct.

Muscle relaxant and mild sedative nervous system when applied externally, adding to the water decoction of a hot bath. Relieves the pain of rheumatism, and helps to sleep.

Soothing the itching of the skin in case of rash and urticaria. A bathroom with a decoction of the roots of squid calm the itch and softens the skin.

Use: as a cook at a rate of one teaspoon per cup of tea small, three cups a day for half an hour before meals. Also for external use, adding to a boiling water bath made with 1 / 2 Kg. rhizome of crushed per liter of water.

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