Wormwood MARINO

artemisia maritima

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Wormwood MARINO
artemisia maritima
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In the sixteenth century was called saint or seed against the worms to the mix of the flower heads of wormwood with those of other marine species like the white saint or thyme. The wormwood Marine has been using since time of Dioscorides as worming of children.

Habitat: coastal regions throughout Europe, except the Mediterranean.

Used parts: the flowering tops.

Description: plant of the family of Composed of 30 to 60 cms. tall, hair covered with a cotton. The small flower heads are dark yellow and very aromatic.

Properties and indications. the flowering tops of wormwood contain a marine aromatic essence, santonina and various minerals. The active ingredient in the plant is the santonina, stemming from the dimetilnaftalina, powerful worming. Are especially active against Ascaris lumbricoides, worm - like nematode worms, white, 10 to 25 cms. in length, which often feed the gut of children. Have shown equally effective against other intestinal parasites.

Use: dust from the crushed dried flowering tops are administered in infusion or with honey for several days in the morning, at doses of 2 to 5 grams. to children, and from 4 to 10 grams. to adults. An hour after taking a laxative. It should be noted that checking the stool for parasites have been expelled.

Precautions: Do not exceed the prescribed dose, because it can cause nervous excitement. Do not use in children under two years.

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