alquimila alpina  alchemilla alpina

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alquimila alpina  alchemilla alpina
The alquimila Alpine is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of pinkish. Its leaves are heading in several segments, usually 5 or 7, reaching its center. They have a dark green and are completely smooth, without hair on their upper face while on the other side are coated with a thin hair that is very well spread across the road, forming a uniform layer that makes them shine. It is a plant quite thin. One grows up in the granite cliffs or Whiteboard.

The flowering of this plant occurs in June, July and part of August. In these months is his collection, building the plant has already flowered or is about to do so. It is often the gathering because herb can be used all its parts.

Contains tannic and materials are widely used against intestinal inflammation. Its effect is to desinflamar easing in the gut much stomach upsets. This relief is due to their analgesic and astringent properties and particularly its anti - inflammatory intestinal condition.

The name of this plant comes from the frequent use of it were the alchemists, great observers of nature in its continuous search for the so - called philosopher's stone. This species is usually because they accumulate some droplets of water in the center of the leaves, which come from rain or dew. When the sun drops relucen accumulated much, which led to the alchemists were set on it and started using distilled water. This plant is also good for animals, as well cure the gastrointestinal discomfort, particularly enteritis with colic pains kind normally produced by the ingestion of noxious weeds. Despite these properties, in the past pastors who avoided their herds eat these plants when they were still wet, because they thought they could inflame the stomach of animals, they could only do so when they were completely dry.

Infusion: Put water to boil with a bunch of this plant is taken and when it is still hot. Must be consumed 2 times a day and avoiding sugar drop, as this is not advisable in intestinal disorders. If your taste is not pleasant, can be complemented with some mint leaves or Marialuisa.

Cook: Leave to simmer for 5 or 10 minutes in water and then it takes 3 times daily before meals.

Anti - inflammatory. Analgesic. Astringent.

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