globularia alypum

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globularia alypum
Used Part.

The leaves.

Active Principles.

Flowering tops: globularetina, globularina, flavonoids (apigenina - 7 - glucoside, quercetol, luteolina - 7 - glucoside, cianidina, peonidina) mucilages, Cinnamic acid.

Leaves: globular acid, globulariacitrina (bitter principle)

Drug Action.

The globularetina acts as drastic purgative and laxative is very low doses. frequently has been used as a substitute for sen) Globularina is stimulating the central nervous system and be given a antiedematosa action. At the aqueous extract, healing and antitumor properties.


Biliary dyskinesia, occasional constipation, intestinal emptying pre - radiologic, rectoscopy or surgery. Popularly used to be hypotensive, anti - inflammatory, ophthalmic and healing.


Renal or cardiac, gastroduodenal ulcer.

Heterósidos cardiac treatment.

Side Effects.

It can produce diarrhea with cramping pain.

Caution / Poisoning.

It is not advisable continued use. In case of chronic constipation is preferable to changing dietary habits and use the mechanical or osmotic laxatives.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Decoction: 20 - 30 g / l, boil 2 minutes, infuse for 10. A cups a day, after meals.


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