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French: Genièvre.

Dutch Genever.

All of these names came from the word gin, an alcoholic drink flavored with berries Junipero.

INTRODUCTION: A tradition claims that the fruits of juniper always be taken in odd number. Thus, the half - dozen really consists of 7 units, and the dozen, 11, and that 13 is avoided on the grounds of ill omen.

Sprig of juniper berries with their false green to the right, detail of a female plant with its ripe fruit, Called nebrinas. Stop being harvested, the nebrinas must be completely black. Both infuse chewed as presenting a broad range of therapeutic properties.

The fruits of juniper have fascinated since ancient alchemists and herbalists to, as raw, boiled or dried have stopped cure various ailments and, in recent centuries, seems to produce one of the best - known alcoholic beverage, gin.

FEATURES: It is a small tree that often presents bushy appearance between one and two meters high. It has needle - shaped leaves, grouped in threes, colored green with a white line which crosses the lower side. There are male plants and female plants, the latter are the most interested, for the properties of fruits, called nebrinas, which takes three years to mature: fake berries are small one centimeter in diameter, green at first, but that is going through dark purple and black with reaching the bluish glow in the ripe fruit. Bittersweet taste, resinous, its flavor is similar to cinnamon.

LOCATION: Lives in temperate regions and cooler in the northern hemisphere, both in Europe and Asia and in North America. In the Pyrenees, is up to 2, 500 m above sea level, in forests of beech, oak or pine.

ACTIVE: The essence of the terpenes in rice is the fruit, such as pinene or juneno. It has also juniperina, an astringent substance.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: A1 juniper has been attributed a multitude of virtues: it is gout, Carmine. sudorific, diuretic, emenagogo, guard against arteriosclerosis.

COLLECTION: The nebrinas must be mature, and since it takes three years to mature, distinguish the ripe fruit of more than two years by their color, to be totally black. The best time is fall, when it is gone and the flowers and fruits start to appear young.

APPLICATIONS AND USES: Can be used in infusion: about seven nebrinas fresh for each cup, sweetened with honey. However, in order to benefit tote mind the properties of juniper, we can take the nebrinas d as if they were candy, but remember that they have always eaten in odd number of (5 to 7 after lunch and dinner) Or by hand, the Juniper has a great Licorera imported in the industry, as the nebrina provide the raw material stops the production of gin.

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