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Used Part.

The fruits and seeds.

Active Principles.

Heterósidos cardiac type cardenólido: evonósido (Ramnäs of digitogenina) In the leaves has been isolated theophylline and caffeine. In fruits, theobromine.

In the seeds are 25 - 30% of oil, comprising the glycerides of oleic acid, linoleic, palmitic and stearic.

Drug Action.

Drastic purgative, emetic, colagogo, cardiotonic.


For its potential toxicity, its use is not recommended.


Cardiac treatment.

Caution / Poisoning.

At doses greater than 100 - 250 mg, the evonina produce gastrointestinal cramping, for his powerful purgative action, bloody diarrhea, general weakness, hallucinations, convulsions, loss of consciousness and syncope, which may cause death.

It is particularly frequent accidental intake of fruits by children (a couple of them cause toxic symptoms)


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