trébol de agua menyathes trifoliata

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trébol de agua menyathes trifoliata
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The Water shamrock is used in herbal medicine from the sixteenth century, as not being Mediterranean plant did not become known by doctors of classical Greece. Current mind is very limited and in some countries is a protected species.

Habitat: swamps, lakes and ponds in Western Europe and North America. It is rare. In Spain is only in the Pyrenean region.

Description: perennial aquatic plant, 20 to 30 cms. tall, of the family of Meniantáceas. Its stem is thick, fleshy and trailing, buried in silt. The leaves are long petiole, divided into 3 leaflets, and the flowers are pink and grouped in clusters terminals.

Used parts: the leaves.

Properties and indications: the leaves contain a bitter glucoside (meniantina) responsible for its tonic properties on the digestive system. Increases the appetite, stimulates the digestive secretions and generally favors digestion. We recommend if digestives sluggishness, heaviness of the stomach or chronic gastritis. Its effects are similar to those of gentian. It also contains flavonoids and alkaloids still not well studied, which could explain its properties febrífugo, laxatives and emenagogas. It is used in the states flu.

Use: infuse with leaves (15 to 30 grams per liter) which is making a cup before each meal. It also takes the juice of fresh plant at a rate of about 20 ml dissolved in water or milk, 2 - 3 times each day. Powder was administered in 2 to 3 grams daily divided into 3 shots.

Precautions: in high doses is emetic and purgative (causing vomiting)

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