genciana gentiana lutea

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genciana gentiana lutea
Other Names:

Yellow gentian, gentian Mayor, Gengiba, Junciana.

The greed of some unscrupulous collectors has been in the process of extinction of this majestic plant, as it grows so slowly that it takes 10 years to give their first fruits. It is sad that has been systematically uprooting his large following, which can weigh up to six kilos for alcoholic liquor flavored with it.

Dioscorides, the great Greek physician and botanist from the first century AD, as stated in his monumental medical Matter, "the root of the gentian, drinking water, provide relief to patients of liver and stomach. " Nowadays, almost twenty centuries later, is still valid observation of the Greek sage, and gentian is one of the plants snacks and digestive most appreciated.

HABITAT: grows in meadows and sunny slopes of mountainous regions of central and southern Europe. Prefers limestone soils. In Spain it is far rarer to the south. Cultivated in America.

Description: perennial plant of the family of Gencianáceas, which reaches 60 to 100 cm in height. Stem upright, smooth and of the emerging leaves large, oval, opposite a front to another. Their flowers, which are born in clusters, are yellow alive.

Used parts: the root.

Properties and indications: the root of the bitter gentian contains various principles, among which are the genciopicrina and amarogencina. The latter is the most bitter substance is known (a dilution of one part in 50 billion, still bitter taste) It also contains various sugars, tannins and pectin. These properties are:

Tonic stomach: the principles of the bitter gentian root, excite the secretion of all digestive glands, including the salivary. Thus opened the appetite (aperitive action) and facilitate digestion (eupéptica action or digestive) It is especially indicated in chronic gastritis attending with little secretion of gastric juices (hypochlorhydria) ptosis or weakness in the gastric (stomach down) the indigestion and vomiting in cases of inappetence and the convalescence of febrile illnesses.

Colerética and colagoga: stimulates the secretion of bile by the liver, and emptying the duodenum. It is appropriate in cases of congestion of liver and bile dyskinesias (gallbladder lazy)

Febrífugo: This is not very marked, but is especially effective in cases of malaria. It has been found that can destroy the malaria - causing protozoan parasites of red blood cells. It can be used associated with quinine and is particularly relevant in cases of malaria resistant to quinine.

Immunostimulant (stimulating defenses) have found that administration of gentian root causes an increase in the production of white blood cells (WBCs) so it is thought he may have a favorable action in cases of immune depression (low resistance to infection)

Use: macerated by placing a piece of gentian root of the size of a walnut (about 10 grams. In a liter of cold water. Let macerate for 4 to 5 hours, 3 cups a day are taken before meals. He can add a few aniseed grains during the maceration, in order to make more bearable his intense bitter taste, but it should not sweeten. Decoction of 10 grams. per liter of water, boil for an hour, it takes half a cup before each meal. In the dry dust or ingested from 0. 5 to 1 gram before each of the 3 meals a day.

Precautions: Not to be confused with gentian eléboro white, toxic plant that grows near it, and it is distinguished from it by having the leaves alternate (emerging from a stem) and hairs on the underside, as well as its white flowers and unpleasant odor. Not be used or prepared alcoholic liquors based gentian, as the negative effects of alcohol offset the benefits of the plant. They should avoid those suffering from gastro - duodenal ulcers active, because by increasing the secretion of gastric juice, may aggravate the disease. Also to be avoided during breastfeeding, because its principles become bitter milk, and although they are not toxic, mean that the baby will reject it.

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