vellosilla hieracium pilosella

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vellosilla hieracium pilosella
Other Names:

Cerrillejo, Herbal Health Pilosela, Mouse Ear.

The use of vellosilla, despite going back to the Middle Ages, is not widely used, perhaps because, once dried, it loses its medicinal properties.

Habitat: meadows and forest clearings across Europe, except on the Mediterranean coast. Spread by the Atlantic coast of North America.

Description: perennial plant of the family of compounds, with a rosette of leaves hair on its base, whose center comes out of a leafless stalk, 10 to 20 cm in height, finishing in a yellow floral chapter.

Used parts: the fresh herb.

Properties and indications: contains a large amount of tannin, which makes it highly astringent; flavonoids, an essential oil, and diuretic properties depurativas; mucilages of anti - inflammatory action, and a substance derived from coumarin umbeliferona of antibiotic action. These are his instructions:

Diarrhea and dysentery: stop the bloody stools.

Edema, nephrosis (albuminuria) renal failure: in addition to increasing the volume of urine, favors the elimination of urea and desinflamar kidneys.

Bleeds: its strong astringent action means that, when applied locally, stop nosebleeds. Taken internally, in infusion, is also used against excessive menstruation.

Brucellosis: its principles antibiotics act selectively against Brucella mellitensis, bacterium that causes brucellosis or Malta fever. It has been found that livestock grazing in the meadows where abundant vellosilla do not have brucellosis. Reduces fever and makes stop sweating characteristics of this disease. We have to take it for several months.

Usage: infusion with 50 or 60 grams per liter of plant fresh water, which takes 3 to 5 daily cups sweetened with honey.

Externally, nasal tamponade is used to being made with a cotton or gauze soaked in the infusion described for internal use, but more concentrated (100 to 150 grams per liter)

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