col brassica oleracea

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col brassica oleracea
Other Names:

Cabbage, cabbage.

The Celts and the Romans already cultivated cabbage, vegetable par excellence. The cabbage has been using for over 2, 000 years as food and as medicine.

Habitat: Native to Europe, where wild on the shores of the English Channel, Atlantic and western Mediterranean. It is cultivated throughout the world.

Description: plant from the cruciferous family, with very large divided leaves and fleshy consistency. Has no heart.

Used parts: the leaves.

Properties and indications: the leaves are rich in chlorophyll, and therefore in magnesium. They also contain a substance similar to sulfur mustard, minerals, vitamins (especially C, A, and possibly U) mucilages, and a factor antiulcer not well identified yet. It is relatively rich in carbohydrates or carbohydrates (7%) and protein (4%) but its fat content is very low (0. 6%) Cabbages have the following properties:

Antiulcer: on the domestic route, its juice is recommended against gastroduodenal ulcer, which is able to heal. Dr. Schneider, in his book "The health nutrition, " mentions experiences that have shown the healing capacity of fresh cabbage juice on the gastroduodenal ulcer. After four or five days to administer a glass before each meal, the stomach pain disappeared. At three weeks, was obtained ulcer healing. This action is attributed to the antiulcer not yet well known vitamin U.

Antianaemic antiscorbutic and hypoglycemic (lowers the blood sugar of diabetics)

Diuretic, purifying, and consumed on an empty stomach, worming.

Healing and vulnerary: cabbage, applied in poultice, cure infected wounds, ulcers and varicose clumsy, eczema, acne and furúnculos.

Anticancer: there is evidence that cabbage can act as a preventive of the formation of cancerous tumors, possibly due to their content of carotene (vitamin A)

Use: the juice of the fresh plant, half a cup, 3 or 4 times daily before meals, that is, on an empty stomach. To apply in cataplasms, the raw leaves (previously crushed with a rolling pin or cylindrical bottle) or boiled and mixed with bran to make them more compact.

Precautions: When cabbage is consumed continuously for long periods, can have antithyroid effect and get to cause goiter.

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