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The goiter, is the suffering commonest of the gland thyroid and as large as consists of the increase the gland thyroid. This increase can be in a single part forming a unique or multiple nodule or like a diffuse goiter, that involves all the gland.

The gland thyroid is located in the base of the neck on the trachea and its function is the one to produce hormones T4 and T3, that regulate the metabolism and many other processes of the body, reason why its good operation is necessary for the life.

This gland has form of butterfly with two lobes, left and the right that is united by one more a narrower strip or isthmus.

In order to work it needs the stimulating hormone of the thyroid or TSH, that comes from the gland hipófisis or pituitaria, that is located in the base of the skull and that exerts in total control on her. The increase in the levels of the TSH, indicates to the gland thyroid that must extract iodide of the sanguineous torrent, turned iodine and to produce hormones known like tiroxina and triyodotironina.

Gland thyroid is only organ of organism that uses iodine and although only it needs it in very small amounts, to produce hormones T3 and T4, his deficiency can to cause goiter, since the gland enlarges to be able to increase its capacity to extract and to process the iodine, that we can acquire it through the product consumption of sea, yodatada salt and bread added with iodine.

This problem is more frequent in women than in men and has a greater incidence to greater age, nevertheless in some cases can appear during the childhood or adolescence, when it occurs to the period of accelerated growth and metabolic changes, the increase of size of the neck in these cases, is proportional to the one of the rest of its body, reason why it is known him like "goiter of the adolescence".

Not all the apparent cases of "bocios", are developed by the alteration in tiroideas hormones. Often they must to the formation of cysts, quísticos, hemorrágicos or solid nodules that form by the proliferation of the tiroideo weave or to an increase of the formation of a called liquid colloid that is between the tiroideas cells that they are grouped forming follicles.

Depending on its characteristics, there are several types of goiter:

the simple goiter appears generally when the gland thyroid is incapable to produce and to satisfy the necessities with the hormone thyroid, which causes that this one enlarges to compensate the situation, with which generally correct the slight deficiencies of the tiroidea hormone.

The simple goiter can be endemic, when it appears in several people of a community who live in places with deficient grounds in iodine and far from the coasts or sporadic, whose cause is not known although a relation with the medicine use exists like lithium or the aminoglutetimida one.

In goiter it is not bound to the thyroid cancer and depending on its characteristics, can be diffuse, when there is a global increase of the gland or to nodular, when focal increases take place. Also, depending on the capacity of hormonal production, it can be classified in: normofuncionante, when the tiroideas hormones take place of normal form; hipofuncionante, when the tiroideas hormones are low or hiperfuncionante, when the hormone production very is elevated.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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