Metabolic Syndrome

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Metabolic Syndrome
The metabolic Syndrome, also is known like syndrome X, syndrome X dismetabólico, multiple metabolic syndrome or metabolic cardiovascular syndrome.

It is a suffering related to the resistance to the insulin and one pronounces by the presence of several sufferings or misalignments in a same person: dislipidemia, that is the triglicéridos increase of cholesterol and / or in the blood, obesity, arterial hypertension and / or intolerancia to the glucose, which represents an enormous risk to develop serious to cardiovascular diseases and / or Mellitus Diabetes type 2.

One thinks that the origin of this syndrome is genetic, but also it is considered that it is related to a bad and inadequate diet and the lack of physical activity and can even affect healthy and thin people apparently.

Since this syndrome has to do with the resistance the insulin, the people with greater risk to develop it are those that indeed have problems with this hormone:

the diabetics, who cannot maintain an suitable glucose level in the blood.

the nondiabetic ones which they are resistant to the insulin, but that high amounts of her replace when secretar, that is what it is known like hip0erisnuslinismo and that affects people who commonly suffer of high pressure.

the people who have had an attack to the heart and which they have hiperinsulinismo although its levels of glucose are normal.

Between the risk factors they are.

the obesity, that is considered that it acts like detonator, because when getting worse the resistance to the insulin, appears their clinical manifestations, mainly when more in the abdominal measures is reflected.

the arterial hypertension.

úrico acid hiperuricemia or elevation.

Problems in the insulin production by the cell pancreática beta, that is of genetic origin.

When the demand of insulin increases by the worsening of the resistance to the insulin and the cells beta fail in increasing their production, the diabetes happens.

Although it does not have identified cases of children with metabolic syndrome, if an increase in infantile obesity with hiperinsulinemia is observed and hipercolesterolemia, that if it is not controlled, is going to detonate this suffering in the east adolescence suffering, with the risk of the increase of cardiovascular diseases in early age.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medico diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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