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Diminution of the hormone production (paratohormona) by the paratiroides glands, that a low calcium level carries in the blood. The paratiroidea hormone regulates the metabolism of calcium, so that its concentration in the blood remains constant. It directly acts on the deposition and absorption of calcium in the bone, on its renal excrección and, indirectly through the metabolism of vitamin D, on its renal absorption.

Age and sex.

Its deficiency affects both sexes, to any age.


This disease considers incurable. The symptoms can be controlled with a substitution therapy that lasts all the life. Without treatment, he is fatal.

The scientific research follows its course, and it is hoped to be able to get to find a treatment and cures effective.



Cerebral injury.

Abnormalitys of the heart rate and congestivo cardiac failure.

Signs and symptoms.

Acute phase:

Creeps in the yolks of the fingers.

Muscular tension and espasmos in hands and feet.

Espasmos in the larynx and the muscles of the throat, that motivate respiratory difficulties.

Chronic phase:

Cutaneous Descamación.

Fragile nails.

Badly growth of the teeth.


Mental delay in the children.

Psychosis in the adults.

Factors of risk.

Recent infection of any class.


Diuréticas drug use.


There are no specific preventive measures.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood and tinkles.


X - rayses or bony densitometría of the bones to detect increases of the density of the bones.


Medical treatment during the acute phase.

Autocuidados after the diagnosis during the chronic phase.

Hospitalization if the muscular espasmos are serious.

General measures.

If they appear muscular cramps:

Apply a stock market of paper to the mouth.

Blow and you return to breathe its breath.

It will elevate the carbon dioxide levels in the blood and will diminish the muscular cramps.

Póngase lubricant or pomadas creams in the dry skin and escamosa.

Take the short nails to avoid that they are broken.


High doses of vitamin D and calcium supplements.

Calcium supplements by intravenous route during the hospitalization to treat serious muscular espasmos.

Sedatives and anticonvulsivantes for the frequent muscular espasmos.


Without restrictions (the muscular cramps take place by the lack of calcium, not by the exercise)


Phosphorus calcium discharge, low.

Their dietetic doctor or will instruct to him on the matter.

Warn its medico if.

The muscular espasmos do not diminish in spite of the treatment.


Complications after the surgery of the paratiroides glands, the glands thyroid or other weaves of the neck (the paratiroides are associate to the thyroid)

Genetic upheavals autoinmunes.

Radiation in the gland thyroid.



Injury in the neck.

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