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Other Names:

Cabbage, cabbage.

Used Part.

The fresh leaves of the plant.

Active Principles.

Organic sulfur: S - metilcisteína sulfoxide (SMCO) Glucosinolates. Vitamins: A, B, C, K, U and E; inositol, mucilages, glucuronic acid. The seeds contain about 40% of oil: oleic acid, linoleic and erucic.

Drug Action.

Healing, antiulcer, demulcent, vitamin.


Ulcus gastroduodenal, varicose ulcers, dermatitis, eczema.


Treatment with anticoagulant warfarin type, as it may antagonize the effect (D'Arcy)

Hypothyroidism (see precautions)

Side Effects.

In food use can cause flatulence.

Caution / Poisoning.

The ion thiocyanate and isothiocyanates from the glucosinolates, exerted on the man antithyroid action, inducing goitre. The content of thiocyanate is maximum in young leaves and between September and October (Mulet, 97; Trease)

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Internal use: The juice extracted from the leaves. One to three glasses a day. For the treatment of gastric ulcers usually associated with the potato juice.

Topical use: fresh leaves pressed have been used traditionally for healing varicose ulcers.


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