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Contact dermatitis or eczema of the housewives is an acute irritation of the skin caused by contact with the same of a substance that causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

It is a common skin disease, which strictly should be called dermatosis or contact eczema.


Contact with industrial irritating substances, such as sprays, acids, solvents or dyes.

Natural irritants such as poison ivy and the tree of fleas.

Metals and alloys of these used in jewelry and trinkets, especially chromium.

Medication for topical use.

Cosmetics (chemicals)

Some of these substances produce symptoms to all persons who contact with them, others only to people susceptible to them.

Signs and symptoms.


Mild redness.

Areas of a strong red color with suppuration (in serious cases)

Cracks and fissures in the skin.

Risk Factors.

Occupation or hobbies that require you to be in contact with irritating substances.

Burns from hot water or the sun.

Constant exposure to hot water, detergent or any irritating to vary the moisture from the skin.


Avoid contact with any substance that may have been caused irritant dermatitis in the past.

Wear rubber gloves will be of great help, but to sweat and moisture does not worsen the symptoms should be used on cotton gloves.

Protect the skin from sunburn and other burns.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


The diagnosis is usually done by visual inspection, it being the most important and often - complex - to determine what substance or substances are those that have occurred.


Effective treatment involves the removal of agents Allergy, avoiding irritating substances and other factors that precipitate the development of the disease, and relieving itching and inflammation.

Only use creams, lotions or ointments prescribed for his condition.

Any other commercial product could aggravate their condition.

Apply an ointment or cream in your hands about 6 or 7 times a day. For any other body part, twice a day.

A bath time:

Use oil bath soaps or glycerine soaps instead of bathing.

Instead of rubbing the skin through small pat dry.

Reduce the temperature to warm water, both for swimming as for any other use.

Especially after the bath, apply the cream.

Minimized the use of solvents.

Wear gloves:

Preferably, resistant vinyl gloves, lined in cotton. .

This is to prevent contact of skin with irritating substances such as water, soap, detergent, metal abrasives, abrasive dust, paint, paint thinner, turpentine and wax the car, Floors, shoes, furniture and metals.

Dry the inside of the gloves after use.

Discard the gloves that have holes.

When you take it or squeeze lemon peel, orange, grapefruit, potatoes or tomatoes.

Some of leather or loneta are most appropriate to carry out the work of the house or garden.

Use the dishwasher (if available) to wash the dishes or have someone else do it for you.

Remove rings before performing the work of the house or wash their hands.

To contact the skin caused by metallic objects (such as watches, rings, earrings, buttons and metal buckles) solution is to paint with a transparent glaze surfaces in contact with the skin (leave it to dry completely, at least two or three days, the Industrial solvents are major irritant)


They are wise creams, lotions and ointments for topical use, provided the stage for more severe dermatitis.

These creams should include in its membership preparations steroids to reduce inflammation and / or lubricants that keep moisture from the skin.

The definitive cure is to avoid contact with irritants.


Secondary bacterial infection.

Generalized rash.

Sensitization to other substances, which previously caused no symptoms.


The symptoms can be controlled by avoiding irritating substances and by treatment.

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