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The tiroidea gland produces tiroideas hormones under the control of the pituitaria gland in the brain.

The tiroideas hormones are essential for the body in the oxygen consumption on the part of the cells and in the protein synthesis.

They are those that regulate the metabolism (energy consumption) corporal.

Hipotiroidismo to the condition is denominated in which the tiroidea gland produces less tiroidea hormone of the necessary one.

It affects both sexes but it is commonest between the women.


Excessive gain of weight.


Comma mixedematoso (when the deficit is so great that the organism cannot work, is a medical emergency and can be mortal)

Increase of the susceptibility in the infection.

Adrenalin crisis with strong treatments of hipotiroidismo.


Normally curable with a therapy to prevent of I replace of the thyroid, that will have to be life.


Measures for the prevention are not known the hipotiroidismo.

However, the iodized salts prevent the goiter and the hipotiroidismo in the mountainous zones.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Analysis of blood of laboratory of tiroideas hormones.

The laboratory analyses can confirm the hipotiroidismo diagnosis but they do not indicate the necessary duration of the therapy of I replace.


The objectives of the treatment are I replace of the tiroidea function in the long term and the recognition of the symptoms in order to avoid the provision of an overdose or little.

The hospitalization in case that will be necessary emergency complications take place, like for example a mixedémico coma.

The medical control and supervision will be necessary during several months with the purpose of establishing the correct dose for I replace of the thyroid.

In case that the treatment was interrupted, a relapse could be produced, with more intense symptoms.


Hormones will be prescribed to him of I replace of the thyroid.

The required doses will depend on.

the age.

the weight.


the residual capacity of the thyroid.

other medicines that are taking.

the intestinal function.

Signs and symptoms.

Its appearance is normally subtle and insidiosa.

Excessive fatigue.

Reduction of the tolerance to the cold.

Slow, fast or irregular beat cardiac.

Increase of weight.

Slow or coarse growth of the hair.

Diminution of the appetite.


Pain in the chest.


Placidness or nervousness.

Mental disorder including depression, psychosis or lack of memory. v Retention of liquids, specially around the eyes.

Sad face expression and fallen eyelids.

Coarse skin.

Diminution of the sexual appetite and infertility.

Menstrual disorders.


Insensibilidad and creeps in feet and hands.

Hoarse or deep voice.

Swelling of legs.

Factors of risk.

Greater adults of 60 years.


Surgery by hipertiroidismo.

Treatments with x - rayses.

Exhibition to the radioactivity.


Sometimes, these are not known.

Between the most common causes they are included:

Disease autoinmune, in which the immunological system of the body works of abnormal way and attacks the tiroidea gland destroying the cells that produce the tiroidea hormone.

Treatments with radioactive iodine of a hipertiroidismo.

Iodine deficiency in the diet. This is common in moved away mountainous zones of the sea in the underdeveloped countries. It was the cause of the great incidence of cretinismo (affected from the hipotiroidismo birth, with cerebral injury) in the region of the Hurdes.

Diminution of the activity of the pituitaria gland that secretes the hormone that stimulates the thyroid.

Medicine use, for example the lithium, that represses the function of the thyroid.

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