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Used Part.

Oil obtained from the seeds.

Active Principles.

The oil contains abundant degrees unsaturated acids, particularly linolenic acid (41%) and linoleic (39%)

Drug Action.

Emollient, healing.


Wounds, trophic ulcers, eczema and contact dermatitis, wound healing of surgical incisions, keloids, scarring acne lesions or chickenpox, radiodermitis. On the domestic route, could have indications similar to those of borage oil, but we have not found references on its oral use.

Side Effects.

In the treatment of acne, in case of seborrheic skins, we should try to eliminate the fat beforehand, otherwise it comedogénico.

Caution / Poisoning.

It should add vitamin E or F to prevent the oxidation of the oil.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Use topic: Oil, to 25%.

Emulsion O / W to 3%.

This plant gives some fruits that have different properties: erase wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, burns and stains of varicose veins, replenishes essential nutrients to the skin, and applies at home even in serious cases.

According to the latest scientific findings is one of the most powerful skin regeneration that exist, without dangerous effects and that the only contraindication to have a high lipid (fat) is not recommended in fat or skins with acne.

Their uses are not exhausted by the wrinkles, is highly beneficial in case of stretch marks, burns, scars, keloids and skin blemishes due to varicose veins or spills. The oil is applied by drops on the affected area and massage gently until it penetrates the skin, in a routine that in one month gives surprising results.

His power regenerator is due to the presence of fatty acids such as linoleic, oleic, and arachidonic, vital nutrients in the formation of the membrane of the cells, defense mechanisms, and the growth of the skin.

A massage with oil rosehip also serves after exposure to sunlight or other external agents such as wind and cold, these factors that resected.

skin deep.

In the case of pregnant women cosmiatría recommends the gentle massage on the breasts and abdomen during the last trimester of pregnancy to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Any cream can be enriched with a few drops of this oil, 10 drops is recommended for every 30 grams of cream.

This oil is achieved in herbalists, dietary and cosmetic stores.


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