espino cerval rhamnus cathartica

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espino cerval rhamnus cathartica
Other Names:

Cambron, Carrasquilla, Cervispina, stinking Espino, Sanguinaria Minor.

From the eleventh century are documented the effects on the gut of this plant, which is also used in veterinary medicine to purge the animals.

Habitat: originally from northern Asia. Is distributed by forests and mountainous regions of Europe and America.

Description: thorny shrub of the family of Ramnáceas, which reaches 3 to 5 meters in height. Their flowers are small, green, with 4 petals each. The fruits are some black berries and fleshy, with 3 or 4 seeds each.

Used parts: the fruits.

Properties and indications: the fruits of buckthorn are rich in glycosides Anthraquinone, which owes its strong purgative action (cathartic) which according to the eminent botanist Font Quer 'no fault ever. " No one resists without evacuating, after you've taken a few fruits of buckthorn. They also provide a diuretic effect. It was administered as an adjuvant treatment in anthelmintics, in order to promote the expulsion of worms.

Use: press is a bunch of ripe fruit and juice obtained, which can be sweetened with honey or sugar, take 2 or 3 cu - charades soup in the morning. In syrup, which is obtained by adding to its fresh juice same weight in sugar and boiling to simmer until it thickens, take 3 to 6 tablespoons daily.

Precautions: should be used with caution, that is, at low doses, because large quantities can cause severe retortijones, vomiting, and even intestinal bleeding.

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