jalapaconvolvulus jalapa

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jalapaconvolvulus jalapa
Other Names:

Mechoacán Black, Purge.

The native Mexicans used this plant as a laxative, and the Spanish conquistadors led to his homeland, from where it spread its use throughout Europe.

Habitat: originally from Mexico, specifically the state of Veracruz, whose capital, Jalapa Enriquez, bears his name.

Description: climbing plant of the family of Convolvuláceas, whose stem grows coiled around other plants. The flowers are large, stem from the armpits of the leaves, and have pink or red. The roots are tuberous round, and are filled with a milky juice resinous.

Used parts: the root.

Properties and indications: the root of Jalapa contains various carbohydrates, and convolvulina and jalapina glycosides, which are active ingredients. It has a strong purgative action, which in small doses is well tolerated, and does not cause cramps. It is recommended when you want to bring about drastic intestine. By not having bad taste, it is useful to purge the children. It also has effect worming and emenagogo (stimulates menstruation)

Use: it takes root powder, 1 to 3 grams dissolved in half a glass of hot water and sweetened with 1 - 2 tablespoons of honey or brown sugar. The infant dose is 50 milligrams (0. 05 g) per kilogram of body weight.

Precautions: Do not administer it in case of colitis (inflammation of the intestine) or during pregnancy.

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