yezgosambucus ebolus

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yezgosambucus ebolus
Other Names:

Acte, AYEBO, Chaves, Ebule, Enzo, Matapulgas, Dogfish, bold, Elder minor Yambú, Yubo.

The berries of yezgo are toxic, and agrees to differentiate them from those of the elder. Both plants belong to the same botanical family, and have similar applications, but the elder is used more by its smell more tolerable.

Habitat: diffused by edges of forests and fresh throughout Europe. Naturalized in the Americas.

Description: perennial plant, nauseating odor, stem erect up to 1. 5 meters in height, of the family of Caprifoliáceas. The flowers are small, white and umbel. Its fruits are some black berries in clusters upright upward.

Parts used: root and leaves.

Properties and indications: the entire plant contains a glucoside, essential oil, tannin and saponin. It has marked properties sudorific, diuretics and laxatives. That is why it is used as:

Diuretic in case of edema (fluid retention in the tissues) or kidney failure.

Sudorific in febrile illnesses (colds, flu, malaria, etc.

Antirheumatic: Its decoction or alcoholic extract is used externally on towels or friction to calm the rheumatic pain.

Insecticide: their fresh leaves, or the liquid of your decoction asperjado, repels insects.

Use: 30 grams in decoction of leaves and / or root per liter of water, boiled for 5 or 10 minutes are taken up to 3 cups daily.

Externally, compresses soaked in a decocci6n as the one used internally. Can also be applied to alcoholic extract. Friction with the decoction or alcoholic extract.

Precautions: Do not exceed the prescribed dose of the roots or leaves. The berries are very toxic.

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