veratrum album

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veratrum album
Family: Liliaceae.

Description: Perennial plant of creeping rhizomes, with a series of markings on the leaves lost, dark, fibrous, with many radículas. The leaves are alternate, somewhat coriaceous, ovaladoelípticas, with the apex acute nerviaciones longitudinal parallel, margin entire top layer glabra, envainante, with the stems erect, fistulous. The flowers are grouped into pods, each one bearing a yellow - green petiole. The tépalos, lanceolate, available in number six. The fruit is a capsule trilocular that encloses a series of flat seeds. You can reach a meter and a half in height. Montane meadow in abound across Europe. Is harvested in early autumn.

Used parts: The rhizome.

Active Principles: Protoveratrina, germerina, jervina, veratramina, veratrosina, veratralbina, quelidónico acid, rubber, sugar, starch.

Directions: Analgesics, emetocatártico, antirheumatic, estornutatorio.

Use: Powders, dyeing, liparolito.

Interesting: highly poisonous plant that should not be used in domestic medicine because of that paralytic action on the nervous system develops. The external preparations are used as painkillers local skins on without injury. The decoction of the plant is insecticide, and this property is used with action equivalent to the chemicals. The dust sucked produce sneezing. Attention should be paid during the gathering in order not to confuse the root of the gentian with the vedegambre. It's an easy mistake, since the leaves of both species are almost equal.

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