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Also well - known like baldness, it is a disease that consists of the incapacity of the organism to produce new hair in the lapse normally established for it, which inflicts the partial or total casualty of the hair, that can occur of fast form and in form of plates, in diffuse form or totally.

Although, the fall of the hair does not have an effect in the physical health of any person, if it completely has it in the self - esteem, self - confidence and self - security, since this problem affects the "aesthetic one", personnel and in many cases, the bald people are object of ridicules, jokes, jokes and until discrimination.

It much more affects to people of any age and sex, being frequent the problem in men, since one calculates that at world - wide level 70% of the men suffer it, whereas in women the problem affects 25%.

The reason reason why the men are more prone to the baldness that the woman, must to a hormone combination (androgens) inheritance, age and the production of a called enzyme 5 - alpha reductasa, that when being combined with the present testosterone in the piloso follicle, changes it chemically (dehidrotestosterona) The piloso follicle has sensible receivers to this hormone and that combinacián produces the cease in the growth of the hair.

Also the alopecia appears most frequently as it ages and the form to pronounce itself has much to do with hormonal, environmental factors and until by effect of some medicines or physical traumatismos.

Although some diseases can influence in the fall of the hair, like the diabetes, in general terms, the baldness is not caused by a disease, but that is genetic. The usually inherited baldness affects more to the men than to the women. Near 25% of the men they begin to present / display baldness around the 30 years of age and around the two third parts they are bald or they have a pattern of baldness at the age of 60 years.

One calculates that the hairy leather contains approximately around 100 thousand hair, with its variants according to the color of the skin, the blond people have 140. 000, those of 155. 000 dark hair and pelirrojas about 85, 000. And in average, 100 are eliminated daily and they are replaced by new hair.

The speed of growth of the mature hair is of 0. 37 millimeters per day and 1, 25 cm per month calculate more or less that each one of them has a life average of 4 years and means, growing. When the hair falls, it is replaced by one new one, taking more or less 6 months in appearing completely.

Nevertheless and by diverse circumstances, the process of formation and degeneration of the hair that physiologically is in balance (hair fall, hair grow) that is in stages anágena and telógona, respectively, can be altered and to cause a fall of the greater hair to the one than can be produced, which is pronounced like a massive and fast loss of the same one.

All the forms of fall of the hair are not equal, since the origin or cause depends on that precipitates it, reason why before this problem, the best thing is to consult with a good dermatologist.

One of the causes, is associated to the effluvium in telógeno, that happens in mature follicles and it is pronounced by the loss of precocious hair and in mass. This happens generally after the childbirth, by traumatismos on a normal hair like tugs, surgeries or fever or by the drug use certain. It has a latent period of between two and four months. The fall is diffuse and if it is acted on time in few occasions it causes a visible reduction of the volume of the hair.

the other is the effluvium in anágeno, that appears as result of the medicine use for quimioteraria and is caused because the stems pilots who maintain to the hair become thin abruptly, leaving in the surface the follicle that is broken of it expels at the same time to the hair.

For the treatment of the alopecia, it is necessary to opportunely consult the dermatologist, since in general terms, the scientific treatments are adapted to prevent the baldness.

Contrary to which it is created, the total shaved one of the hair, does not have no relation with the speed or amount of growth of the hair.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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