ANEMIA BY folic acid deficiency

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ANEMIA BY folic acid deficiency
The folato or fólico acid is a necessary vitamin for the formation and growth of red globules and because it is not stored in the body in great amounts, is necessary a continuous dietetic supplement of this vitamin.

Some medicines, such as the Dilantín, interfere with the absorption of this vitamin.

In this type of anemia the red globules are appraised abnormally great, which is known like megalocitos and when they are in bony marrow are called megaloblastos, reason why also megaloblásticaz is known him like anemia.

The most frequent causes of this anemia are:

the deficient or null food ingestion with fólico acid, like the liver, egg, meats, vegetables of dark green color or fruits like the orange.

the chronic alcoholism.

the pregnancy.

intestinal Upheavals or problems of malabsorción.

Certain sufferings like the celíaca disease and esprúe.

the consumption of some medicines that interfere with the absorption of this vitamin. Between the frequent symptoms they are:

Fatigue and fatigue.

frequent Dolores of head.

Appearance of ulcers in the mouth and language.

Pallor or ictericia, yellowish skin)

The treatment includes vitaminic fólico acid supplements by oral route or injected until the anemia has been corrected and in case that its origin must to a deficient absorption on the part of the intestine, the nutritional supplements must be always consumed.

The treatment, establishes a diet that includes vegetables, citruses and other foods that contain it and greater monitoring during the pregnancy.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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