Frenulum Sublingual SHORT

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Frenulum Sublingual SHORT
Frenillo sublingual is a fibrous weave band covered by mucosa that unites the base of the language in the mean line and it projects to the floor of the mouth.

Under the language, there are two differentiated parts, the near one the language is fleshy and wide and another one is very fine, it is transparent and almost it lacks glasses. The proportion between these two segments is the one that determines the technique to use to release frenillo.

When being born and caused generally by lack of mobility of the language, frenillo seems to be shorter of which it had and in some cases it produces a deformation of the language that gives the image from which it is left in two, as if outside bifid. This problem is easy to detect in new born.

If frenillo is very short the movements of the language are affected and restricted, causing generally nourishing upheavals by deficit in the suction and exaggerated dribbling.

Many doctors recommend to cut it during the first months of life, with the purpose of helping to that the language extends well and restores its normal functions. But there are other doctors who do not create necessary, since in many cases, the fibrous band stretches and allows the on - speed operation of lalengua, reason why each case must be evaluated of individual form.

The doctors who are in favor of the operation, consider that it is a simple surgery and of little risk that in very small children he does not require of stitches since the constitution of the language is fibrous and blood vessel in that region.

In children who no longer are nursing, the fleshy segment increases more than the fibrous one, reason why it becomes necessary to extend the section passage, reason why it will be necessary to sedar or to anestesiar to the boy or girl and in some cases can be necessary to place reabsorvibles stitches or to resort to the electrobisturí. After the surgery, the annoyances are very slight and in rarest cases there is some complication. In a study published in magazine J. Pediatris Child Health, the surgery is recommended when:

There are upheavals of the speech, in special articulating the letter rr and only in those children who have been evaluated by a professional foniatra.

In children who cannot remove the language and touch the superior lip with the end of the same one.

In children with incapacity to touch a wind instrument.

In new born and nursing, that has disadvantages to feed itself and to suck suitably. In these cases it is suggested to apply general anesthesia to be able to handle better to the baby.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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