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It is spoken of hipertrigliceridemia before the following values:

• Superior to 1. 50 g / l in the morning in uninformed.

• When they become to find at least twice after twelve hours of uninformed.

Often, hipertrigliceridemia is discovered after a routine examination in a subject that presents / displays problems vasculares, in a diabetic, an obese person or treatment with an oral contraceptive.

The increase of the sanguineous triglicéridos ones can ready long term to trombo - embólicas pathologies and pancreáticos problems, between which it emphasizes the acute pacreatitis.

A question prevails: hipertrigliceridemia is isolated or associate to one hipercolesterolemia.

The dietetic and therapeutic measures are different in each case.

Dietetic measures.

The excess of triglicéridos syntheses of comes caused by the intolerancia from the person to the alcohol, the glúcidos ones or the excess of nutritional calories.

The dietetic rules are the following ones:

Suppression of the alcohol, hipoglucídico regime (without fécula, sugars, fruit) and hypocaloric if the person has an excess of weight.

It will be necessary to later do a determination of the sanguineous levels a month. At the end of this rigorous regime, it will be necessary to propose a maintenance regime.

To this one him we can associate a treatment by fitoterapia. We will use rich plants in mucílagos. The properties of the mucílagos allow to diminish and to slow down the absorption of sugars. Ispágula is indicated in the treatment of hipertrigliceridemia (to see ispágula)

Dietetic measures.

This form associates triglicéridos transported by the VLDL and cholesterol transported by the LDL. The cardiovascular risk in relation to hipercolesterolemia is seen here increased.

In one first intention the same dietetic rule is applied that in the isolated form: alcohol suppression, restriction of carbon hydrates (slow or fast sugars) Later, to be able to diminish the cholesterol the same rules will be applied that hipercolesterolemia stops. The treatment by fitoterapia is identical to the one of hipercolesterolemia isolated.

Plants adapted for this disease.



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