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Rare upheaval of the dream that is characterized by uncontrollable episodes of dream anywhere or at any time.

After 10 to 15 minutes of a dream attack, the person feels only briefly rested, to return to the annoying sensation to be falling of dream.

The attacks can appear while it leads, speak or work.


It begins in the adolescence or at the beginning of the adult age and continues all the life, affecting to both sexes.


Accidental injury during an attack of sudden dream.


This upheaval lasts all the life but it does not affect the life expectancy.

The medication can reduce the frequency of the attacks.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Medical file and physical examination by a doctor.


Studies in a dream laboratory (polisomnografía)


General measures.

Take with himself an indication of its upheaval in a bracelet or chain.


His doctor can prescribe stimulating or antidepressing (not both at the same time)


It does not make activities that entail risks of injuries during a surprise attack of dream.

It includes activities such as to lead long distances, to use ladders or to work with dangerous machinery.


There is no a special diet.

Warn its medico if.

They appear inexplicable new symptoms.

The drugs used in this treatment can produce indirect effect.


If it can, above reduces to the frequency of the attacks avoiding the enumerated risks.

Signs and symptoms.

Anyone of that they follow (10% of the people with narcolepsy has all the signs)

Attacks of dream that can happen up to 10 times to the day.

They can arise while one is staying a conversation or other activities.

An attack leaves the rested person, but it can quickly appear another one.

Vivid dreams, sounds or hallucinations when beginning the dream or when waking up.

Temporary paralysis (sudden loss of the muscular force) when sleepy or right remaining before waking up.

Momentary paralysis not related to the dream when feeling a sudden emotion, as it rages, fear or joy.

Irresistible sleepiness during the day.

Factors of risk.

Anyone of the following thing can cause an attack:

Activities monótonas.

Prolonged laughter.



Sometimes it follows a cerebral infection or an injury in the head.

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