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The neurosis is defined as environmental a psychic upheaval or mental alteration that does not have its origin in an organic alteration and which fear or obsessions related to personal conflicting factors are pronounced mainly in or that get to dominate the ill person and causes much anxiety and suffering to him.

This mental suffering affects a high index of people and according to the World - wide Organization of the Health the disease is considered number one between the mental and emotional diseases.

The people with neurosis, characterize themselves to maintain the judgment of the reality and its lucidity and are conscious of their disease, since they can recognize his symptoms, between which emphasize the anguish and the fear like most important.

It is developed in ready, hypersensible and exaggerated touching people and with great sense of culpability, in which the anxiety acquires considerable dimensions that it prevents them to sometimes control the strong tensions and until the normal ones that they appear in the daily life, getting to dominate to these impulses its thoughts and behavior and originating a strong psicoemocional alteration.

In these people their form to be and its character influence much in the problem and the exaggerated emotividad and the neurotic personality can be developed through the received or learned familiar education during the childhood.

The experts indicate that the neurotic manifestations are the result of unconscious conflicts between several impulsivas and defensive mental forces that do not manage to establish a suitable balance and cause anguish that although is leading the fault is in not being able to repress it or to control it.

Generally it is easy to identify the event which it triggers the neurotic crisis, that can be the beginning of the puberty, the death of a wanted being, having scholastic or labor problems, a divorce, a surprise pregnancy, etc.

Although the causes are unconscious, just a short time before the appearance of the picture can be observed that it has happened a fact of certain meaning, like the puberty, pregnancy, adolescence, traumatic death of a wanted being, divorce and other events.

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