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Is well taking care of the body doing exercise, but you do not exaggerate because you can develop to a called addiction vigorexia.

Although the physical exercise is one of the great pillars of the integral health since it not only favors the physical health in general and aid to prevent many diseases, also aid to handle stress, the mental anxiety and other problems, but like in everything, if it becomes in excess and the health becomes an obsession instead of helping harms much.

The cult and the care of the body in the sense to see itself well and not as much take care of its health have taken to many young people to develop some obsessive and compulsive conducts, between which they are bulimia and the anorexy, generally practiced by women with the eagerness to see thin and vigorexia, that an addiction to the physical exercise and which mainly affects the young men.

Vigorexia is a mental problem that leads to the obsession to develop muscles. Those that suffers it watch constantly in the mirror, they touch his muscles of chest, arm and legs and never are satisfied with their figure.

Additionally the exercise which they make during hours and hours in a gymnasium, they are put under special diets, they weigh several times to the day, compare themselves with other companions, athletes, fisicoculturistas or artists and in spite of the obtained profits, continue themselves badly feeling not to obtain wished muscles.

The problem is that this drift in a compulsive obsessive picture, that does not have anything to do with the health and that it makes feel failed in his attempt to see itself "better".

Many of them in addition leave their daily activities to lock in in the gymnasium day and night, follow very strict, low fat diets and rich in carbohydrates and proteins to increase the mass muscular and most of which they are in this problem they begin to abuse substances like hormones and anabolizantes steroids.

Thus, that you do not exaggerate, each person has a body and a form to be special and in that is its wealth. There are exercise because that favors much your health, but if you do not manage to develop your muscles exaggerated, you do not worry, because your health is more important that the "beauty" of your body and if it conserves always you are going away to see super good.

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