banisteriopsis caapi

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banisteriopsis caapi
Names that receives this plant:

Castilian: ayahuasca, Yagé, Bejuco gold cap, natema.

Galician and Portuguese: caapi.

Family: malpigiáceas.

Originally: Amazon Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Brazilian.

Where to find it: along water courses.

Part used medicinally: the stem (wood)

Type: Bejuco long woody stems sarmentosos about 3 mm in diameter, with internodes quite distanced.

Leaves: about 8 - 18 cm long and 4 - 8 cm wide, are opposed, whole, petiolated, OVAD - lanceolate with rounded base, glabrous on the beam and little hair on the underside.

Flowers: 14 mm and with rose petals, are arranged in small umbels. They are terminlles and axillary cimoso - panicle with the axle and twigs covered with a grayish tomentosa.

Components and active ingredients:


AdrianSuSE (1 - 2%)



Saponins (0. 66%)

Medicinal properties:

Pefaciente psychedelic drug and students.


Therapeutic benefits:

Psychiatric disorders.

Precautions this plant:

This is a plant whose toxic symptoms of intoxication are paleness, profuse sweating, salivation, pupil dilation and nausea. There are some cases of fatal poisoning.


Yagé: 1kg in several liters of water for an hour.


Bits of interest:

This plant is the base narcotic drink of the Indians of the Amazon, known Yagé. Indians gather in places to perform rituals of healing or divination. In these rites at the base is the Yagé, chicha, curare and others, which are used as a drug disturbances in consciousness in the celebrations, whether to locate enemies, to ask for leniency to the spirits protectors, or to detect the causes and remedies of an illness.

The sorcerer, which is almost always the head of the tribe, cut the Bejuco about 25 cm. long, it contunde, leave it macerate for a few hours in water and then pouring the water to bark at boiling point, also added to the container two or three more plants.

The effect that this produces "Yagé" is similar to that experienced in the womb, so the experience involves a meeting with the tribal deities, the creation of the universe and the first humans and animals.

This plant originated in the jungles of the Amazon, is considered a sacred plant of great power. Shamans through AMAZONAS, Ayahuasca used in their ceremonies to penetrate deeply into the spiritual world. Shamans believed that the man is dependent on nature for medicine, food, shelter etc. Shamans also recognize that plants can have features not only medical but also spiritual characteristics.

Ayahuasca comes from the Quechua language means "vine of the ancestors" or "vine of the dead" or "vine of souls. " AYA in Quechua "Spirit" "ancestor" "dead person" in Quechua HUASCARAN "vine".

The botanical name for this plant is Banisteriopsis caapi (Malpighiaceae) Pieces of the stem of this plant are boiled together with other plants that are considered to be added to the Ayahuasca.

The ancient shamans in the Amazon have used the Ayahuasca as invaluable assistance to religion, and as a source of healing power. The use of Ayahuasca is considered a spiritual way, because the spirit of the plant as shamans can lead a person through the spiritual world and help them discover many secrets, or in some cases it can also cause death when the misuse of this plant is done.

What happens when shots Ayahuasca (Yagé)

What happens when you drink Ayahuasca? It remains a mystery. Studies in its history offer little clarity on the characteristics of the transformational Ayahuasca. Various effects of Ayahuasca follow a progressive path that includes processes cathartic and psychedelics. Time is an important factor in this increase. Each experience shows degrees of understanding the depth of past experience and level of maturity of the participants. The important thing to recognize is that the Ayahuasca help in many different aspects to the maturity of the individual in his spiritual journey.

Ayahuasca is not a substance that can be defined with consistent effect. The constellations of memory activated by Ayahuasca can not be programmed, but the trip if you can be addressed. The pharmacological characteristics of the compound in the interaction with the life history are not sufficient to define the impact on the psyche of the individual. The compound always interact with the whole psychological each individual (motivation, attitude, personality, humor, previous experiences) and the atmosphere where they are performed.

The equation of those structures will be the outcome that influence the effect and the kind of trip that will be tested. The substance exerts its effect on the brain under the influence of the environment, a synthesis of the surrounding environment and the presence of his guide, plus the participant's current emotional state. A person who takes alone, for example, will have a totally different experience to those who take it with someone who can direct the energy created by the Ayahuasca, channeling their effects and forming a journey to the place where the heart resides God, which is the source for processing.

The first phase of the effect is the change of the sensitivity of the senses. During the first ninety minutes, the hearing is accentuated and the sensations are extended. Here, the journey can take any direction. Well, a incorporates other dimensions, leaving the level of the physical body, a sense of floating in the air can occur.

The minks of the Ayahuasca.

A person experiencing Ayahuasca sessions shows the mental and psychological remarkable improvement, comparable only to that sought psychotherapy with a intensely. Ayahuasca provides significant changes in a very short period of time. Ayahuasca consolidates an acceptance and an essential alignment with the simplicity of its spiritual identity. The resulting change in our values and priorities transforms our presence, our sense of inhabiting the self.

With Ayahuasca, an internal sound is heard commonly, it absolutely drives often a spontaneous explosion of vocalizations and imitations, with a marked difference to the conventional human language. The tryptaminos can trigger a kind of ripple of the facial muscles, showing results in the production of a wave modulated voice.

What is most interesting is the sound, earning power the longer it is maintained, this can become really visible - as if the change to the vibratory waves visible spectrum or inducing a vibrational excitation of the air. These observations suggest that although the wave is produced with the sound, may possess an electromagnetic component. This peculiar phenomenon of the wave will continue to be generated out of the mouth and the graves of his nose and will be visible in the surrounding air while continuing vocalizations.

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