Hypertrophy and dilation CARDÍACAS

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Hypertrophy and dilation CARDÍACAS
The manifestation commonest of disease of the muscle cardiac or myocardium is the cardiac enlargement, also known like syndrome cardiac enlargement, congestiva dilatante cardiomiopatía or hipertrófica cardiomiopatía.

This problem I could have to the increase of size of miocárdicas muscular fibers, to the expansion of the cavities or both together problems.

Any disease or problem which it affects the cardiac muscle, which is known like cardiomiopatía, can cause that this one grows and increases of size to compensate the muscular weakness.

If the muscle also expanded is abnormal, the capacity is reduced still more to pump blood and although this problem can affect all the heart, generally the part that grows more is the left ventricle.

If the enlargement advances, will be an enormous risk of causing cardiac insufficiency, because the debilitated muscle does not pump of effective way. Then, the blood flows more slowly through the heart and tend to form clots that can cause one tromboembolia pulmonary or cerebral, an attack to the heart or infarct or another blockade circulatory.

Between the causes that can originate this problem is.

a previous attack to the heart.

arterial Hypertension.

Sufferings or anomalies of the cardiac valves.

frequent Arrhythmias of type tachycardia, are to say of more than 100 beats per minute.


Indirect effect to the x - rays.

drug Consumption against the cancer.

Inflammation of the cardiac muscle by infections.

severe Undernourishment.

Complications of the pregnancy.

genetic, metabolic and neurological Upheavals.

Accomplishment of excessive exercises of high performance.

The main symptoms are.

Sensation of lack of air mainly when doing exercises or daily activities or when sleeping.

generalized Fatigue.

Pain, located in the center of the chest, opresiva form, with slowness, deep satiety and.

general Incomodidad. cold Perspiration.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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