ásaroasarum europaeum

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ásaroasarum europaeum
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Used since ancient Roman. Pliny the Elder already mentioned it in his writings on his property emética (vomitiva) Currently, however, has fallen into disuse since has been replaced by the ipecac, a plant of intense American emetic effect. All the plant off an odor reminiscent of turpentine, and its flavor is pungent and nauseating. His name asaret is in French, although it is popularly known as cabaret, because it was used to induce vomiting of the drunk, so that they could continue drinking.

HABITAT: grows in forests of leafy trees on the European continent. In the Iberian Peninsula is only in the mountains of the northern third.

Description: creeping plant 10 - 15 cm tall, of the family of Aristoloquiáceas, which form large colonies in the woods. Its leaves are large, so arriñonada and dark green. The flowers are solitary, purplish or greenish color.

Part used: leaves and roots.

Properties and indications: Asarina contains whole plant, which is a powerful irritant to the digestive mucous membranes, essential oils, tannins, resins and flavonoids. It is a powerful emetic, so it can be used to induce vomiting in case of poisoning by mouth. It gives good results in food poisoning caused by ethyl alcohol (drunk) Also cathartic laxative effect (irritant) which formerly was used to provoke violent diarrhea (purging) which was supposed curative. At present, it continues to employ, but in veterinary medicine, to purge the cattle. Estornutatorio because it is used in case of nasal congestion to cause the elimination of mucus, and alleviate the headache that often accompanies rhinitis. It is also expectorant, diuretic and abortion, although it is not used as such because of their toxicity.

Use: in infusion that is prepared with fresh leaves or root in the ratio of 5 to 10 grams. per cup. Do not take more than 2 cups per day. For external use, powder of dried leaves or root: It is enough with a pinch (which can be between thumb and index)

Precautions: High doses causes acute gastroenteritis, with the risk of gastric or intestinal bleeding. The fresh plant is more irritating to the digestive system that dried or powdered.

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