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French: Contrayerbe.

German: Widergift.

Italian. Contraierva.

This plant is used mainly as the result antidote for snake bites, rabies and food poisoning. The treatment consists of eating the dried rhizomes or spray or develop a tea with leaves and stem. Other uses are for common discomforts associated with the digestive system, such as bile, dysentery, vomiting, stomach pain and poor digestion, as well as for treating tooth decay, the root is used in cooking or in gynecological Venereal diseases. The latex is applied externally for healing, also used against disipela, erysipelas and mumps, whereas by mouth is used in cases of chronic cough, diabetes, malaria and inappetence.

Herbaceous which measures about 30 cm. tall with roots in the form of sweet potato. The plant has a milky latex and leaves appear to be broken. Their flowers are flat and small fruits originate. It is originally from Mexico and living in areas of warm weather and semi. Grows associated with the vegetation of mangroves, savannah and tropical deciduous forest, subcaducifolia, subperennifolia and evergreen.

Tepid baths to 1% and sahumerios cure paralysis, if it is generally curable.

The cooking of the root to 1% is used to make stem measles and smallpox.

The leaves and roots, crushed or used externally to heal wounds and bites from snakes bad.

There are several kinds of contrahierba.

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