scutellaria latelifloria

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scutellaria latelifloria
Description: Natural Family, Labiatae.

Genre: Scutellaria: Calyx bell formed in the flower of two integers l lips, closing on the fruit that matures after the corolla has fallen, the upper lip with an enlarged appendix that becomes a deck on the fruit. Corolla with the tube that goes up, elongated, curved, long in the wake of two lips. The stamens four, flowers in axillary racemes, clusters of two to four inches long, the flowers in one hand; Corolla pale blue; appendix chalice that gives it closed on the appearance of a hooded outmoded. Common in damp and given shade, blooming in August.

This, the medical scullcap true, it is distinguished from any other species by the arrangement of flowers in just one side of arasimo, like the one used in medicine, especially canescens, which is two to four feet tall, branched up slightly, covered with a white layer down when young, and corolla with more than half an inch long, and also Serrat, who is from one to three feet tall, slender, hardly branched, softens, the leaves that end up in narrow, and closer to an inch long corolla. The latter kind, much less valuable than the lateriflora, is often mistaken for it, but can be easily distinguished by their leaves, the terminal and not a unilateral settlement of their clusters, and the corolla tube with a big undilated.

The whole is a medicinal herb, but has an odor and taste not very pleasant. The age and heat damage their virtues, and need to be dried in the shade, and held in closed rooms. The water derives its qualities moderately well, and effectively diluted alcohol.

Properties and Uses: This is a much neglected herb medicine sincerely valuable, but it is many times will be rendered inert by boiling, and some doctors have put it aside, the kind used instead of weaker lateriflora true. It is equally exciting relajantey; antispasmodic and tonic, and by affecting the nervous system. Should be better able to alert and restless, with feebleness, and all forms of nervousness with fatigue or depression. In the state of vigil typhoid, delirium tremens, and other acute cases, and also in a state of chronic wakefulness, and even in the horrible insomnia that arises under strain to refrain from the routine use of opium, is one of the most of notices and insurance agents of Materia Medica whole. To invigorate and soothe the nervous structures, said that taking it induces a quiet sleep, using the leaves as an aid to increase, enthusiasm, sensitivity, languor. Acting on the nervous system, reaches localized pain, there is a lot of value in suffering uterine, nervous headaches, pains in the intestines, and neuralgia, what drives the tonic constant exercises, a combination makes it available in forms nerve of dyspepsia, weaknesses female, and forms of nerve FLASH difficulties.

The dose of powder, five to twenty grains every four to six hours. Half an ounce taken with a pint of warm boiled water makes a good infusion; that a fluid ounce or more can be given three times a day, the cold, for purposes tonics, or used for each hour of tepid second - or time for acute nervousness. For espasmódicas difficulties, is associated with better or caulophyllum lobelia, and surrendered dose half an ounce of liquid every hour or half hour.

Preparations pharmaceutical and o. Dye. four ounces of finely grinding scutellaria, as well pack in a percolator, and diluted with alcohol to a quart has been obtained. The dose, Drachma liquid in a convenient intervals.

II. The extract liquid. Macer a pound of grass or crushed by two days in the diluted alcohol; transfer to a percolator, and alcohol diluted with up to eight ounces have passed; put this aside, and progress in the juice of Cypripedium. This is a very strong and preparation available in doses of five to twenty drops as often as necessary. Can be combined with a lot of advantage to macrotys liquid extract or valerian, with the essence of anise as an adjuvant therapy in the acute and sub acute state of vigil and the general nervousness.

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