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Used Part.

The aerial parts.

Active Principles.

Essential oil (0. 2%) flavonoids, tannins, acids and chlorogenic litospérmico coumarin, mineral salts: fluoride, calcium, silica.

Drug Action.

The acid litospérmico confers antigonadotróficas properties and hypoglycemic. Fluoride salts, an action antithyroid: antagonize the thyroxine, to curb the iodine nutrition. The astringent tannins do business, Antihaemorrhagics. Popularly used as antipyretic.


Pituitary origin of hyperthyroidism, diabetes, menopause. In external use: wounds, vulvovaginitis.



Galenica forms / Dosage.

Infusion: one tablespoon per cup of dessert. One to three a day.

For external use: 30 grams / liter, applied in the form of washes, or towels soaked.

Fluid extract (1: 1) 30 - 50 drops, one to three times a day.

Tincture (1: 10) 50 - 100 drops, three times a day.

Dry extract (5: 1) 250 - 500 mg, one to three times a day.

Juice of fresh plant: 2. 5 ml, one to three times a day.


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