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Used Part.

The leaves, flowers.

Active Principles.

Heterósidos: ranunculina, which is easily transformed into protoanemonina and later in anemonina. Sterols and tannins.

Drug Action.

The protoanemonina has antibacterial action, antitusiva, antispasmodic, especially at the uterus and digestive tract.


Spasms uterine or gastrointestinal level, spasmodic cough, dismenorreas, hemicráneas.


Pregnancy, infancy, hepatopathies.

Side Effects.

The fresh plant, applied topically, can produce a blistering effect.

Caution / Poisoning.

The fresh plant contains anemonina and protoanemonina, producing depression and loss of sensitivity of the nerve centers respiratory or heart disease. Although these substances disappear with the drying, not to recommend its prescription dose and weight.


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