orchis mascula

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orchis mascula
Other Names:

Male orchid.

Orchids are the largest family of the plant kingdom, with more than 20, 000 species throughout the world. Its beautiful flowers and their botanical characteristics make them highly sought after and appreciated. Its two underground tubers have awakened from the time the remote idea about testicles. The name orchid comes from the Latin orquis (testicle)

Habitat: Forests of trees and lush mountain meadows of sites throughout Europe. Is originally from Asia Minor.

Description: perennial plant of the family of orchids, which reaches 15 to 30 cms. tall. Its leaves are oblong reddish - brown stains. The tuberous root is, with two tubers mixed.

Used parts: the tubers.

Properties and indications: in Arab countries flour is extracted from the tubers of satirión and other similar species of orchids, known as salep. The origin of this word is to be found in the Arab Yosa ataleb (fox testicles) The salep contains a 50% mucilages, 25% starch, 5% protein and 1% sugar. It is widely appreciated as an emollient intestinal antidiarrhoeal and invigorating. It is recommended in gastroenteritis, colitis, and dyspepsia. It is a food of choice in childhood diarrhea. In the eastern countries is given to convalescents and Asten (weak and fatigued) Its alleged aphrodisiac virtues are not sufficiently substantiated, and are based solely on the theory of signs, which gives each plant a few virtues which allegedly manifested in their external characteristics.

Use: salep is prepared in the form of tea, porridge or soup. At present comes from the eastern countries, because orchids are protected in most countries of Europe.

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