vara de oro solidago virga-aurea

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vara de oro solidago virga-aurea
Other Names:

Herb of the Jews, Herb Pagan, Solidago, Tea de Gredos, Vara de San Jose.

His name is due to the rigidity of its stem topped by yellow flowers arranged in clusters in the habit of the stem top.

HABITAT: grows in forest and scrub land not calcareous throughout Europe. Naturalized in the American continent.

Description: perennial plant of the family of compounds, with erect stems that reach up to one meter in height. Its flowers are yellow and are grouped into chapters terminals.

Used parts: the flowering tops.

Properties and indiction: contains action astringent tannins; saponins and coumarin, responsible for its diuretic action, and flavonoids with diuretic effect. It applies in kidney ailments, as it is a good diuretic, which in addition to increasing the amount of urine, for the smooth functioning of the kidneys. Agrees the edema (accumulation of fluid in the tissues) nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) nephrosis (albuminuria, loss of albumin in the urine) and kidney stones (favors its dissolution)

Cystitis and prostate ailments, provides an anti - inflammatory action on the urinary organs. Calm the discomfort of urination.

Cures depurativas: favors the elimination of metabolic wastes such as uric acid. Agrees on arthritism cases, gout, eczema, and always needed to clean the blood of toxic substances.

Obesity by its diuretic action and purifying it is a good complement in the treatment of obesity.

Diarrhea and colitis, for its astringent action, in many places in Spain used the beam of gold to cut infant diarrhea, especially the summer and those that are produced to coincide with the period of dentition.

Astringent and vulnerary: in external application is used to heal wounds and heal ulcers (sores) clumsy, and is applied in compresses, lotions or cataplasms.

Use: takes decoction of flowering tops of 30 - 40 grams per liter of water for 5 - 10 minutes, until 5 cups daily. For the treatment of childhood diarrhea is recommended to extend the decoction until the liquid is reduced by half, and add sugar (brown) or honey to form a syrup, which is administered tablespoons.

Externally, compresses soaked in a decoction more concentrated than for internal use: 50 - 100 grams per liter) Lotions with concentrated decoction. Also cataplasms of the plant crushed applied directly on the skin for 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times daily.

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